Small Business - Health and Safety Management Kit

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Do you need a health and safety plan for your business? This pack contains everything you need to stay on top of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 - all you need is a pen (which we provide in this pack) and the enthusiasm to implement the system. 


The package is designed for businesses with up to five people. The policy, plan and supporting documentation has been written and designed by Health and Safety professionals with consideration to easy use and legislative requirements. If you have more than five team members, please contact us to ensure suitability or see how we can create you a tailor made system.


Contents include:


  • All of your health and safety paperwork needs in one handy pack.
  • It works for any business.
  • Having everything ready to go saves your staff time and money and speeds up health and safety reporting.
  • All you need is a pen (provided) and everything else you need is in the pack.

Why use health and safety stationery?

Health and Safety is common sense and with this simple, easy to follow kit, you can easily keep records and make sure your reporting assists in meeting legislation requirements. Easy step by step documentation, reporting, meetings and how to deal with issues as they come up. 


Ask a Question
  • Hi, Im looking for a health and safety manual for my business. I do digger work/landscaping/building work, myself and one other work on the tools and the wife in the office. Can you please let me know what manual i should be buying for the company.

    Hi, The builders digital health and safety management system would be the ideal choice. If you contact us via email or phone 0800 582 535 we can discuss the digger and landscaping work with you and provide you with a quote to adjust this system so it meets all your needs.