Farm Occupational Health and Safety Management Kit

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Our new Farm Health and Safety Management package is designed and written by professional Health and Safety consultants based in Christchurch. 

The plan covers individual responsibilities, risk management, training, incident investigation procedures, reporting, emergency planning, contractor management and management of change and other compliance requirements.

This system is created for farms with up to five employees, and/or farms with less than 500 cows, sheep, deer, and chickens. If you have more staff or animals than these figures, please contact our team to ensure suitability or see how we can create you a tailor made system.

The Farm Health and Safety Management Kit includes:

Safety Policies & Plans

  • Instructions for use and what you need to do on a regular basis.
  • Instructions on how to use theTake 5 booklet.
  • A Health & Safety Policy/Statement
  • H&S Management Plan
  • Driving Policy
  • Staff Training and Competency Register
  • Hazard Risk Register (partially completed)
  • Hazardous Substances Register
  • Farm Risk Assessment form
  • Incident Register
  • Staff Induction forms 
  • Information on typical noise levels of farm equipment along with an emergency whistle and a pen to ensure there is no reason for not implementing the package.

A4 Template Pads & Equipment (Refills available for future use)

Why use a health and safety package on your farm.

Save time and energy on Health and Safety Management and get back to doing the things you do best. It only takes a few minute to order online. We will package everything you need up and deliver it to your door ready to use. Everything is there, when you need it - all you need is a pen (which is included in the package).  No messing around with printers and ink. Full instructions are included. Designed by H & S consultants who work with Health and Safety everyday to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.


Ask a Question
  • Hi I’m a contract Milker and we currently don’t have a health n safety plan on our dairy farm. I’m looking for a simple but effective health n safety templates that takes away the time n hassle out of doing health n safety cheers

    Hi Nigel,

    As a contractor you need to have your own health and safety management plan that covers yourself and shows that you are communicating your work with any other contractors (you are working alongside) and show your communications with the management of the farm you are working on. 4

    For example: 

    You (contractor A) need to communicate your work with Farm Management, Contractor B and any other Contractors (contractor c) doing work on the same site as you (eg: Milktank Drivers, Haymakers, sprayers, fencers) You need to report evidence of this, and complete risk assessments, site inspections and share reporting of incidents and hazards.

    The Farm Health and Safety Management Pack would be suitable for yourself and the farm you are working on. 
    There is a hard copy:
    and a digital copy available:

    This is a situation that can be quite confusing, please call us on 0800 582 535 to discuss further and understand your responsibilities.